Ps…. Contour pencils

hey girlies and guys,

On Monday I decided to share with you all my thoughts and opinions on the Ps… contour kit so for todays post I will be sharing with you all my thoughts and opinions on the Ps… contour pencils

As with the Ps… contour kit this product in the Ps.. range from Primark is also really affordable

Unlike the Ps.. contour kit  which is a powder  this product is a cream contour product. I prefer a powder contour but when I seen this product I had to get it and give  a try

One of the things that I like about this product is that the company provides a sharpener with this product which is really handy as these pencils are thicker than eye liner or lip liner pencil so a regular sized sharpener might not be big enough to sharpen these pencils

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with instructions on were to place the different products on your face this is great for anyone learning how to contour and highlight

Contouring and highlighting your face helps sculpt and define your features

Contouring: is used to shade areas you would like to define or re shape eg. forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose

Highlighting: is used to create an illusion of brightness

Bronze: is used to give your face some warmth

The contour pencils/crayons are easily applied and  the are a really creamy consistency . even though I’m not a big fan of cream contour products I prefer powder ones I do really like this contour product it is easily blend able and looks good. I would definitely recommend this product


This product can be purchased from primark for around £3

Thanks for reading

Stay fabulous

A xx


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