PS… contour kit

Hey girlies and guys,

As you all know I recently done a primatk haul and in that haul I purchased the ps…. contour kit so for today’s post I have decided to share with you all my thoughts and opinions on this product

I absolutely love primark and makeup so when I seen this product in primark and seen how affordable it was I knew I just had to get it

This contour kit comes with three shades that helps you sculpt and define your features. The shades this contour palette comes with is bronze, contour and highlight

One of the things that drew me to this contour kit was not only the price which is budget friendly but also the fact that the have provided instructions on how to use this kit on the back of the packaging. I think that giving your customers instructions on  how to use your product is a really good idea as this will be good for someone who is not use to using contour or for someone who is using this type of product for the first time

Another thing about this product for first time users or for anyone that may not have a contour or highlight makeup brush  is that the company  provide a small angled makeup for you to apply your contour and highlight inside the outer packaging

When I realised that this little kit included a brush I had to test it out so I swatched the contour on my hand to see how blend able the product was using the makeup brush provided and I found that the product blended really nice using this brush however I tend to use my other makeup brushes. I used a different angled brush for the contour and a fan brush to apply my highlight and a powder brush to apply the bronze. I will keep the wee makeup brush that was provided and I will take it with me when I’m traveling or even when I’m going out for a night out and I don’t want to carry around three different brushes with me

The packaging of the actual palette itselfs is simple but I’m absolutely loving the plain black palette with gold lettering. my thoughts on the packaging is that it is simple but classy with the gold lettering

Once you open the palette you will see the mirror I think it is great when companies include mirrors on their palettes this is so handy if you out and about and need a mirror you can just open your palette and use the mirror provide with the palette it also needs you won’t need to bring another mirror with you which saves space in your makeup bag or handbag

Now that I have told you all about the packaging and the mirror and the angled makeup brush that was included  in with this palette lets talk about the actual product

                                                                            CONTOUR- BRONZE-HIGHLIGHT

 The product in this contour kit is a powder contour which is the type of contour I prefer I have also tried cream contour before as well. The contour, bronze and highlight in this palette is pretty pigmented and is easily blend able

I really like this product and have been using it for quite a while now. I think this product would be brilliant for anyone who is just starting out and learning about contouring and highlight as the quality is good and the price is affordable


This product can be purchased from Primark for around £4

Thanks for reading

Stay fabulous

A xx




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