Oreo truffles…..

Hey girlies and guys,

How’s is everyone today?

Today’s post will be a quick recipe post. So this recipe is for a quick and easy treat it’s Oreo truffles 

Oreo truffles 


For this recipe you will only need three ingredients 

💠 Oreos ( I used the double stuffed Oreos)

💠 cream cheese 

💠 chocolate 


First of all you start by blend some Oreos into crumbs and then add the cream cheese to blender and mix

Once you have mixed the Oreos and the cream cheese together hand roll the mixture in to balls 

Place Oreo truffles in the freezer for about 15mins 

While the truffles are in the freezer melt some chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water 

Once you have melted the chocolate take the truffles out of the freezer and cover them in chocolate. Refrigerator the truffles until the chocolate has harden 


The finished product 

You can also add some Oreo crumbs to the top for added decoration.

Thanks for reading 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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