Christmas Coca Cola truck Belfast 2016……

Hey girlies and guys,

On Sunday the 18th December me and my partner decided to go to Belfast for the day. We had heard that the Christmas Coca Cola truck was doing a tour to some cities in Northern Ireland. The Coca Cola truck was stopped at the sse arena from 12pm to 7pm on the 18th. There was a long queue to get to the truck but while standing in line the staff give us a free can of coke and when we got up to the actual truck we then got a picture taken beside the Coca Cola truck and then it was printed out which is great because it is lovely to have as a wee reminder of the day.  While standing in the queue to see the truck we were able to listen to lovely Christmas songs sung by the Dublin gospel choir.

So below are some of the pictures that I took the day we were at the Christmas Coca Cola truck.

The front of the truck had santa wrote on it.

Side of the truck has Coca Cola written in big white writing and has lights all around the truck 

This truck is so festive and I’m really glad I got to see it at least once.

And towards the back of the truck has a big picture of Santa Claus šŸ¤¶ on it.

So that’s it for this post il have another post up on Monday.

Hope you all have and good Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you enjoy any holidays that you celebrate 

Thanks for reading 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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