Ps lipstick……

Hey girlies,

How are yous all doing?

So for today’s post I will be sharing with you all my thoughts and opinions on a product that I showed you all in my primark haul post.

The product i will be talking about to is the ps lipstick in the shade midnight.

This is a beautiful deep purple colour that I think will look lovely for the autumn and winter months. 

Here is a little search I took of the ps lipstick 💄 

So I put this lipstick on in the morning and then I documented through photos how long the lipstick lasted without reapplying it.

The first was taken in the morning when I first applied the lipstick. As you can see from the photo when you first apply this lipstick it’s very pigmented and this is the lipstick on its own I didn’t apply any lip liner.

The second photo was taken a few hours later after eating and drinking throughout the day most of the lipstick had came off but there is still abit of pigment from the lipstick on my lips.

The final photo was taken just before bed and as you can see from it that all of the lipstick is off now.

I think this lipstick is pretty good and affordable I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an affordable lipstick especially if they are just learning about makeup.

Thanks for reading hope you found this post useful 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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