W7 glamorous gloss……

Hey girlies, 

As you all now I have quite a few w7 makeup products in my makeup collection and so far every w7 makeup product that I’ve tried I really like the quality of these products.

So for today’s blog post I will be sharing with you all my thoughts and opinions on the w7 glamorous gloss in the shade 05.

The w7 glamorous gloss is a lipgloss that can be applied straight onto the lips or over lipstick. It comes in several different shades.

As I said I’ve quite a few w7 makeup products I absolutely love this range of makeup products as the are so affordable and the quality of the products that I’ve tried is really good.

Just like any other lipgloss the product doesn’t say on your lips all day  but this lipgloss does give an nice wee colour to the lips and it also gives it a nice shine. I also think this lipgloss would be great for anyone learning how to use makeup for the first time as it’s so affordable.

I really like this product both on its own or over lipstick and I definitely will be trying out other shades in this range.

Ingredients: pictured below 

I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends who are looking for an affordable lipgloss.

Thanks for reading 

Hope you all found this post useful 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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