Iona inn Derry

Hey girlies and guys,

For Halloween me and my partner decided to go away for the night. We decided that we would go to Derry for Halloween night because we heard that Derry had a really good Halloween parade and that. Since a lot of people head to Derry for Halloween everywhere books up quite quick and me and my partner could only get beds in a hostel. 

So a few days before we went to hostel connect my partner rang up to see if we could  pay before we got there but the man on the phone told us we have to pay when we get there, that was fine but we found the man to be very rude. It kinda feel like he had better things to be doing than to answer our question. 

So after that we decided not to go and stay there so I rang around a few place and thankfully wee were able to get a room in Iona inn for the night as I really wanted to go to Derry for Halloween this year.

So for today’s post I will be doing a review on Iona inn Derry.

Iona inn is a really nice wee b&b. The bed was really comfy. I got a really good nights sleep.

And there was also an ensuite bathroom which is great. This was a great wee room for our night away for Halloween.


Unfortunately the next day I wasn’t feeling to well so didn’t go and get breakfast but I’m sure the breakfast would have been lovely.

We had a great wee stay in Iona inn and we will definitely be going to stay there again 

Thanks for reading 

Hope you all had a good Halloween night 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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