Instagram hacks 

Hey girlies and guys, 

I really enjoy using Instagram for uploading pictures to and I know lots of other people enjoy using it aswell.

So that’s why I am doing an Instagram hacks for today’s blog post.

These are a few tips and tricks that I have learnt while using Instagram

Hack #1: Want to know when your favourite celebrity or YouTuber/blogger or even when one of your friends upload a picture? Turn on their post notifications 

To turn on someone’s notifications all you need to do is click onto their profile and on the top right hand corner there is three dots click on that 

Scroll down to turn on post notifications 

Hack #2: We all have favourite filters on Instagram ones that we use all the time 

So to make editing your photos easier you can reorder or hide filters you never use

To reorder or hide filters all you need to do is upload a photo and begin editing your photos like you normally would do but when you get to the filters scroll over to the right of your filter opinions and click manage 

Then to reorder your filters simply press down on the three grey lines on the filter you’d like to move and drag it to reorder.

Deselect any filters you’d like to hide by clicking on the white tick beside the filters.

Hack #3: How to Regram posts without having to screenshot and then crop the post.

There is some Instagram apps that you can use to repost photos from other users example. Repost for Instagram

When you repost someone else’s photo make sure you tag them and also credit the original source

Hack #4: Have multiple Instagram accounts? Hate having to log in and out of the accounts each time you want to use a different account? Then this hack is for you

Now you can add multiple accounts all you have to do is go to the settings and add any Instagram accounts you have then all you need to do is click on the username to switch accounts 

So that’s it for this post let me know if you want me to share more Instagram hacks with yous or I can do a snapchat/ Twitter hacks post.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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