What’s on my iPhone 6

Hey girlies and guys, 

Today’s blog post is going to to a what’s on my iPhone 6 post.

In this blog post I will be sharing with you all the apps and games that I love using at the minute.

So the first page is just all the normal apps that you have on an iPhone 

🔸 Messages 


🔸 Photos 

🔸 Canera

🔸 Weather

🔸 Clock

🔸 Maps

🔸 Video

🔸 Wallet

🔸 Notes

🔸 Reminders

🔸 Stocks

🔸 ITunes Store

🔸 App Store 

🔸 IBooks

🔸 News

🔸 Health

🔸 Settings

🔸 Phone

🔸 Safari

🔸 Mail

🔸 Music

At the top of this screen is some more of the apps that was already on the iPhone 

🔸 FaceTime

🔸 Calculator 

🔸 Podcasts

🔸 Watch

🔸 Game centre 

🔸 Extras 

🔸 Numbers

🔸 iTunes U

🔸 IMovies 

🔸 Pages

🔸 Keynote 

🔸 Garage band 

Now for some of the apps I downloaded 

shopping apps 

🔸 EBay

🔸 Amazon

🔸 First trust

🔸 Etsy 

🔸 Depop

🔸 Groupon

Social media apps




🔸Facebook messenger 

🔸 Twitter





Also on this screen I have these apps 

🔸My o2

🔸o2 priority 




🔸Pokemon Go

🔸Pirate kings 

🔸Criminal case

🔸 audiobooks 

And on the last screen I have these apps

🔸Google cast





🔸Pic collage 





🔸Tropic escape

So that’s it for this post as you can see I have loads of different types of apps from games to social media, from selling and buying apps to music apps. I enjoy using a wide range of different apps.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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