Life hacks 

Hey girlies and guys,

It’s always good to know a few lie hacks so for this post I have decided to do another life hacks post to share with you all some of the life hacks that I know about.

Hack 1: Tired of the water in the saucepan boiling over when cooking?

Balance a wooden spoon across the top of your saucepan to keep the water from boiling over.

I use this hack all the time when I’m cooking.

Hack 2: No iron or time?

Hang your wrinkled shirt or dress in the bathroom before you go and have a hot shower.

The steam will help get the wrinkles out.

Hack 3: Stop people stealing your pens

To stop people stealing your pens put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen because no one wants to steal a red pen 😂😂

Hack 4: Struggle carrying all your groceries?

Take a laundry basket to the grocery store with you but leave it in your car to hold your bags.

This will make it easier to carry them into the house.

Hack 5: Do you always lose your charger?

If you put glow in the dark tape on your charger you’ll never lose your charger again.

Thanks for reading 

Hope you find some of these hacks useful 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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