July Favourites 

Hey girlies, 

For today’s post I have decided to a favourites post for this month.

Favourite brow product: So this month my favourite brow product is the benefit gimme brow. I got a sample of this product and I absolutely love it. I will definetly be repurchasing this product.

Favourite mascara: My favourite mascara of the month is the ps… Volumising mascara. I purchased this mascara from primark for £1. I absolutely love how affordable this mascara is. It’s brilliant for anyone just starting out with makeup.

Favourite contour/highlight: My favourite contour/highlight this month is the MUA Luxe bronze and sculpt contour kit. It is really affordable and can be purchased in superdrug. 

Favourite eyeshadow: The w7 in the mood palette is my favourite eyeshadow this month. I use the w7 in the mood eyeshadow palette everyday.

Favourite lashes: My favourite lashes of this month is the ps…. Natural eyelashes from primark and at £1 their a bargain.

Favourite item of clothing: So this month my favourite item of clothing is my play suit that I purchased in primark. It’s a really nice piece of clothing to wear when the weather is sunny.
Favourite ice cream: Since it’s summertime I thought I would add my favourite ice cream into my monthly favourite post. My favourite ice cream is the Cadbury dairy milk ice cream. It’s delicious.

Favourite film: My favourite film of the month is Jason Bourne I went to the cinema to watch it. It was a brilliant film and I would definitely recommend it to everybody.

Sorry my monthly favourites post was a bit late.

Hope you all enjoy reading 

Comment some of your favourites for this month 

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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