Glitter glasses

D.I.Y Project

Hey girlies and guys, 

For today’s post I have decided to do a post on a D.I.Y project. The D.I.Y project that I will be talking about today is glitter glasses.

I will be explaining to you all how to do the glitter glasses and i will also post pictures of the end result.

These glitter glasses make really nice affordable gifts for family and friends.

So for this D.I.Y project you will need: wine glasses, glass glue eg. Mod podge, painters tape, paint brush, glitter, cotton balls and isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol

Step 1: so step one is pretty simple. For this step you will gather all the materials together that you need.

Step 2: Get yourself a flat table and cover it with newspaper. You’ll be working with glue and glitter which can get quite messy. 

Step 3: Clean the outside of the glass.

To make sure the glitter sticks well to the wine glass, you will need to clean the glass really well.

Use some cotton balls dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe the outside of the glass where you plan to apply the glitter.

After you have cleaned the glasses, set them aside for a few minutes to let the rubbing alcohol dry.

Step 4: If you are placing different colours of glitter on the glasses you will need to use painters tape to mark of each section. 

Step 5: Pour some glue onto a paper plate.

You will need to be able to dip your paint brush into your glue so pour a generous amount of glue onto the paper plate.

Make sure there is enough to coat each glass with a thick layer of glue to make sure the glitter sticks.

Step 6: Paint the glass with glue 

Take your paint brush and dip it into the glue. Then begin painting the glue onto the wine glass. Make sure you apply an even, thick layer of glue.

Step 7: Pour the glitter onto the glue.

Once you have applied the glue to the glass set aside the paint brush.

Hold the part of the glass that doesn’t have any glue on it.

Hold the glass over the newspaper and begin pouring glitter over the glue coated areas of your wine glass. 

Keep pouring glitter over the glue coated areas of the glass until it is covered in an even layer of glitter.

When you have finished, you can return the excess glitter to the bottle.

If you are looking to do multiple colours of glitter you will need to let the first layer dry, then apply more glue and glitter to the glass.

Step 8: Leave the wine glasses to dry.

You will need to leave your wine glasses to dry for at least an hour but you can leave them overnight to make sure they are fully dry.

Step 9: Seal the glitter 

You will need to seal the glitter with more glue.

To seal the glass with more glue, use your paintbrush to paint another layer of glue over the glitter. Let the glass dry of at least an hour.

Step 10: Caring for your wine glass.

To ensure the glitter does not chip off when you clean it wash your glitter wine glass by hand.

Try avoiding the glitter areas as much as possible when your washing them.

DO NOT scrub the wine glass. Use a soft sponge and DO NOT put the wine glasses into the dishwasher.

DO NOT let your glitter wine glasses sit in water dry them off imediately. The excess moisture may cause the glitter to flake off.

Thanks for reading ❤️

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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