Five interesting life hacks 

Hey girlies,

In this post I have decided to do 5 life hacks that I have found and that I thought was interesting.

Hack 1: chill your wine without watering it down.

Hate the taste of warm wine? Here’s a simple trick to keep your wine chilled without watering it down. All you have to do is freeze some grapes and then pop them in your wine for a chilled drink.

Hack 2: Need an ice pack?

Looking for an ice pack to take with you on a picnic that won’t drop when it melts?

I have a great wee tip for you.

Soak a sponge in water and put it in a sandwich bag and freeze it. 

It makes a brilliant wee ice pack and when it melts it won’t drip.

Hack 3: Charge your phone faster 

By putting your  phone on airplane mode while charging it you’ll actually save a few minutes in getting to 100 percent 💯 

Hack 4: Make your iPhone battery last longer 

When you’re down to 20 percent, switch your settings to Low Power Mode — it stops all background apps from refreshing. Just remember to switch it back later, so apps stay up-to-date.

Hack 5: How to remove deodorant marks 

If you have a pesky deodorant mark on your shirt, take tights or nylons and rub them on the stain. It will come right out.

Hope you all enjoying reading this post and hopefully you will find some of these life hacks useful.

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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