MUA eyeshadow palette 

Hey girlies, Today’s post is all about the MUA undressed eyeshadow palette.

This wee eyeshadow palette is a great wee purchase and is so affordable which is amazing. It only costs £4 for 12 shades. 

The MUA undressed eyeshadow palette has some really nice neutral colours and is quite pigmented.

It has a great combination of nude shimmers and mattes.

It is very blend able and long lasting. 

There are 12 shades in this eyeshadow palette.

 I also took some swatches of the eyeshadow. Please note I did not apply any primer before I took the swatches.

Even tho this eyeshadow palette has been out for a long time I’ve just recently found it. 

I absolutely love this little eyeshadow palette. It is a great wee affordable palette and I use mine most days. 

I would definitely recommend this eye shadow palette. 

Hope you all enjoy reading 😊

Stay fabulous 

A xx


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